#SnowCal musical (WIP)

September 30, 2023 1:00 PM

Online from Chicago 🇺🇸

Zoom link available on request

Snowflakes in SoCal! is A Pandit & Warner Musical in the making: more info at Snowflak.es.

Development started back in 2019 in Chicago, now the writers are broadcasting its first staged-reading from there to an online audience, for Michael Radi Creative Studio's Musical Theatre Writing Collective. It runs from 1-2pCT, and we can make Zoom link available to friends & supporters on request, and hope to have some recorded materials available after too.

Pandit & I will are gathering to complete the writing for Oxford Climate Society's event showcasing the work-in-progress on Thanksgiving. This staged-reading is a great chance to get a sneak preview online first. Here we are last time we gathered Stateside for the project, enjoying a night off with another good-humoured MT collective:
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