Laurence Warner


"I’d run home from school blasting noughties rap in my iPod Classic through Eastleigh backstreets to my Mum's piano, to write songs I just couldn't find a voice for. 

Until a decade later I came home for the pandemic, and found two. 

My rapper alter-ego MC Beastly - a comic exaggeration of that smalltown teenager - was a viral hit, and I paired it with Cerulean pop ballads for two innovative divided concept-albums for my local audience: garnering Southern Daily Echo & BBC Radio spots, and Railway Inn & Silverlake Stadium shows. 

Now I'm a single artist, on a mission to connect - independently of Big Music/Social - with everyone who loves the English language.

Imma sing a song, write a rap.

Sing a song, write a rap. Uhh.."

In 3rd person:

Laurence Warner is an entertainer for the internet age, born 1995 in Eastleigh, a small town on England’s South Coast.

A prolific songwriter, he found local acclaim at the start of the decade for concept-albums which divided his pop & rap styles under separate monikers. In 2023 Laurence embarked on a single career as a "Singer-Songwriter-Rapper".

He's not afraid of a camera, using his acting & presenting experience to deliver highly original & entertaining live shows & music videos.

A bit like

a British { }

Bo Burnham, Marc Rebillet, Tim Minchin, Heath McNease

{ }, with more jokes

Loyle Carner, Sam Fender, Slowthai

{ }, with less jokes

Jimothy, Unknown P, Niko B

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