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Closure Cafe trailblazing

December 28, 2022

At Lonely Wolf International Film Festival 2022 in London last week, Closure Cafe was a Semi-Finalist for Best Independent Film.

Exec-producer Abhishek Pandit virtually picked up the award saying: "I'm so proud of what we've accomplished with such limited time and resources."

It just goes to show what a small team can do when it's packed with the outstanding talent I shout-out in my previous wrap post. I was personally recognised as a quarter-finalist for Best Directorial Debut, though I have to give hella credit to co-director Tara Jenkins & my female co-stars for bringing their wealth of Hollywood experience to the shoot-day.

My trailer edit - soundtracked by YEP Kyiv - was also recognised as Semi-Finalist for Best Film Trailer and to celebrate we're releasing it today:

As the year on the wall shows, the film is destined for a 2023 release. We hope to publish in Spring, as it's still in-competition for some social-impact festivals which demand premiere-status. Due to the timely nature of the film's message against (mainly Russian) imperialism, we're keen to spark as much in-person discussion as we can. After all, the message of Pandit's story is that dialogue can help resolve our conflicts.

Of the record 1,804 films submitted to Lonely Wolf this season, semi-finalist laurels only go to the top twenty. So stay tuned to the film's dedicated webpage, as our indie short - which ingeniously covers decades of world history - will surely be worth a quarter-hour of your time!

Laurence Warner ~ Cerulean Sounds Productions