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📺 Boris: 'Become an MC'

September 4, 2022

A new satirical music video: career advice for the outgoing Prime Minister on the eve of his departure.

I was recently told by a music marketer that my online-presence has a corporate vibe, so I'll make this press-release as informal & candid as possible, but I do dress up in a suit for the video, released today at 4pm.

Watch on YouTube, Vimeo or read on to the bottom to watch here.

Creative Visuals

"Become an MC" is one of the reamining 3 tracks Smalltown Dreamer: Beast-side rap record needing a music video to complete the visual album. The sole freestyle, it was mastered for unlockdown release unchanged from the a capella SoundCloud demo which was inspired by Hamilton's cabinet rap battles.

So it deserved an unusual music video. Just like S1GHT for my 2nd Divided Selfie record, I've capitalised on YT's searchable Chapters to embed a traditional lip-sync music video within a differently titled video engaging with a wider theme.


Boris's off-script freestyling
Boris's off-script freestyling

I've posted before about how the final line pre-empted Partygate, so for this I've cooked up a satirical Spitting Image style skit imagining the BTS of the 19th Dec 'Xmas is cancelled' press-conference, which we now know (thx to Allegra) occured the day after a notorious party.

Specifically, the outro skit plays on an relatively unnoticed piece of HMG's many pieces of revisionism which I've discovered, his freestyling ability being one of many reasons I suggested he follow me into rap music.

Indie Production Values

Beastly Boy Ben sad to see his 'amandaholden' wig getting cut down to Boris size
Beastly Boy Ben sad to see his 'amandaholden' wig getting cut down to Boris size

With my family's help I dug into the fancy-dress cupboard to recreate some of that Downing St Christmas craziness.

Lyd the Vid was even able to help me rework the wig from the previous track!

Getting hold of flags was surprisngly hard: 10 shops turned me away in Eastleigh & Romsey, having cleared stock since the Jubilee. It seems that Smalltown England is part-time patriotic.

Leave politics to the normies

is my usual mantra:

"leave your ideology, killing joy don't entertain | Vote for whoever works so the rest of us can play" - '6 Foot'

But single-party majority gov't is not working: in the case of Partygate literally.

And (Tory) party-politics stifles entertainers like me. Their phoney culture war jeopardises Channel 4's creative success and their hard-Brexit obsession stops tour-buses tunneling into the world's most lucrative audience.

Smalltown England needs representatives who will enact Electoral (& Lords) Reform to reclaim democratic power back from London party-political elites.

As Al Boris de Pfeffel Johnson knows, sometimes it takes a continental background to understand England, so I'll leave with this old quote:

"The people of England regards itself as free; but it is grossly mistaken; it is free only during the election of members of parliament." - John Jacques Rousseau, 1762

Waiting for my next vote, I've distributed this piece of satire freely for you to enjoy and share:


the singer-songwriter who becomes an MC 😎