“I’m Laurence and this is Ben, and we’re brothers from Hampshire!”

May 28, 2023

Our Valley Park Life set began with the same introduction we used on ITV1’s Lingo.
Ben had the crowd onside again: they were even chanting his name by the end which made for a very unique backing track!
Check out this special half-hour set of my original music.

Listen 🎧

Stage mic recordings:

MC Beastly tracks
0:15 - Swan Centre
3:30 - Sunglasses
7:45 - SpitFire
LW tracks
12:30 - Another Year [No Other Names]
16:30 - 6 Foot 🇺🇦
20:45 - Lingo #BenKnowsHisLingo

Encore excluded. It will remain a mystery “WHOIS” LW til Aug.

Visuals 📸

I do have a full video taping available on request, but I only plan to post short clips which try to protect privacy of youngsters (whose parents we don’t know) having a cracking time in front of the stage!

Thanks to venue St. Francis Church for providing these quality photos:

🕶️ I'd left mine in the souvenir box
No other names
Pocket money well spent
Mayor: "not my usual genre, but I actually loved it" = true Liberal
Setlist Notes

Thanks to John from Kazbaas for recording. Mix of the original instrumentals with mine & Ben's stage-mics, so we only pick up a little of the noise from the (very supportive) local crowd as the sun went down last Saturday.
They tasked us with keeping people enjoying the stage during their interval, so I bookended it with my most popular upbeat songs involving Ben. We devised some back&forth patter which wasn’t always easy to follow onstage, but Ben still delivered all the best lines (Mayor’s chain, Time Out, chicken kyiv)!
In the middle, I was able to share some more challenging & complex material: aiming to inspire the Eastleigh locals to look beyond online consumerism 🕶️ and build upon our town’s anti-fascist history ✈️ including by supporting this month’s new single for Ukraine 🇺🇦.
It was particularly special to bring Daniil’s voice from Kyiv to a local Ukrainian refugee family who were the first to congratulate me afterwards, when I posted up to flog a few physical albums, which you can also order from the Store here!