facebook don’t like this

July 28, 2023

facebook AI diss-track gets me suspended by facebook AI!

Watch the 1m explainer soundtracked by the new track "facelook" out today

Listen to the whole track

and share Ceru.Li/sten-facelook on the bookie!

Cos I can't:

within hours of midnight 28th release. Had just gone out East Asia
"hiding your identity by using a different name" - this is what my face looks like. That's why you had to pay me money remember! Is it cos I mis-spelled Philip awww?

"Our technology" = AI whose algorithm likely weights against FB critical content  

Unlike with John the Con - I already got money from this mob, so I'm only asking you to post there to show up their weakness.

Who knows, you might even get suspended too and get a great excuse not to have to network there anymore too!
Stay tuned for info of how we're gonna get Britons paid.

Thank you fellow humans,

Laurence Warner