Sing a Song, Write a Rap (uhh) 2💽23

December 31, 2023

Official track-order announced, with a limited edition run of 20 CDs available on Bandcamp. I'd suggest pre-ordering as Smalltown Dreamer CDs sold-out.

Another Year [No Other Names]
Bitcoin is Not nice (Made in Astana)
John the Con
(Ben, he knows his) Lingo
Pretty (Windy City)
Call the Midwife
(Babyyy) I Want to Know U
6 Foot (Ukraїna Remіks ft. ЙЕП)

Bandcamp is the only place that allows me to officially reorder the tracks, but I've created playlists on other platforms for you to enjoy the ideal listening experience there:

Apple Music

The core concept of switching back & forth between vocal styles still definitely works listening chronologically. And you could also create your own playlist replicating the Divided Selfie approach of grouping the styles.

I hope you have as much fun listening back to the half-hour of modern music as I did making it through the year.

Check out the 2024 "Another Year" to find out what's coming next with the Ctrl-Alt-Rap project (clue: no singing, and probably less rap unless I start making MONEY). Speaking of which, do preorder a CD - that way you'll get first look at the official album artwork too!