Getting £100 back from 'John the Con' with a song

March 29, 2023

Share this til I get 100K streams, then I'll get my money back guaranteed.

Who's John the Con?

The nickname I'm giving to a bloke called John, who regularly cons hundreds of pounds from strangers: 30 in Feb-July 2021 alone. He's changed car & phone since then, but the main missing link's been a clear photo.
Fortunately he agreed to pose for one with me in Aug 2022 at Beaconsfield Services, before I loaned him £100 from the Shell ATM! At least a dozen others have been hit since, so submitting to Crimestoppers clearly wasn't enough.
It's time to release it publicly to warn everyone.
What better way than making it artwork of a 100-second song, "John the Con", a hustler-rap parody which tells the story of our encounter from his POV! With your help, we can get it in front of a hundred-thousand Brits.

Why 100k streams?

I'll get 0.1p every time you or your mum, or lorry-driver mate streams the track on Spotify (slightly more elsewhere, especially Bandcamp donations)
0.1p x 100K streams = £100

If John pays up himself (if bank deets were lost, there's always the £100 Bandcamp track!) and apologises - I’m not tryna to put more heat on someone than necessary - I'll consider taking down the track from streaming-stores once it hits 100K.

More likely, this will remain as one of the 12 tracks forming this year's Singer-Songwriter-Rapper collection.
I'm gonna follow-up in April singing “Honest”, an ambient counterpoint to this track, sharing some of my own past wrongs around the consolatory lyric "It ain’t easy to be honest”.
My first track taking the mick out of rap money "Swan Centre" racked up 20K streams within a week thanks to my hometown Eastleigh sharing, so I think we can reach 100K on this one by then if my fellow Englanders get behind this one.

So please enjoy "John the Con", and share it with close friends & family - especially those driving MWay a lot - to remind them:

Google before lending oodles, search before getting merked, Duck before getting ..

Yep fraudsters like John cost Brits billions of pounds every year.
Let's get justice for at least one of their marks - me,

Laurence Warner