Call the Midwife

Call the Midwife

Call the Midwife

Laurence Warner

November 29, 2023

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Liner Notes

Family Time!

Mix-engineer: Calvin Marshall


Don’t call me tonight, watching Call the Midwife

Sorry not tonight, watching Call the Midwife

Family time, Call the Midwife

Can’t come out tonight, watching Call the Midwife

(Sorry baby)

Having some family time with my Granny it’s nice watching Call the Midwife

Gramp asleep, so I take his seat and we press rewind

We’re going back all the way when my parents were born in 1959

Entering Britain no social position, no wonder they cry

Start’s slow, but better than what our grandparents knowed

Teachers, preachers, Bevin Boys mine

Camberwell boy with a Cockney rhyme

Plenty of trouble and strife

Thank the Lord they could call the midwife

If it wasn’t for the other Bevan

I’d probably not be alive

Thank god someone cried “call the Midwife”

I’m so glad I’m alive cos they call the Midwife

For the 4th time: call the Midwife

I’m so glad that they tried to call the Midwife

They were called Karens & Keirs & Katie’s & Kraig’s

Now you call ‘em Boomers

I get it they screwing us Zoomers

But we gotta vote or else we’ll be the losers

The Houses are owned by the 50s and over

They’re Lording it over the Common young people

We are the 1st generation to live in this nation

Whose prospects are worse than our folks

And they call us woke, it’s a joke


Maybe in midlife, we can call the Midwife

I'll make her my wife, we'll try call the Midwife

Family time: call the Midwife

But right now I'm aitt, watching Call the Midwife

Why not come round mine

(Miss you Angel, miss you two Granddad)