Another Year (lower key)

Another Year (lower key)

Another Year (lower key)

Laurence Warner

December 31, 2023

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Liner Notes


Production recycled from prev years: notably Isaac Puffett's string playing & Matthew Large's digital production

Artwork by Klaudi A


Another year

Another year gone by in the blink of a eye

Now it's time to say goodbye to

Another year



Of a year on streams

Less than Beastly

Less John Conned me

Less than next man, chatting bout

“Sex and sex and trap and trap and sex”

Say less

This is what your voice sound like

As AI takes your rep-rep-repetition

Done with my singing


Double-down on my


Rap is winning

Done chasing women

Dating this auld acquaintance ain’t forgot

«Próspero Año Mom y Pops»

She a work of art and her Artwork pops

We talk a lot about tech

I’m here to warn ya

Bout their threats

To a 4/4 beat

Take a lil breath

Sing a lil chorus

Best if we drop it 1 2 3 to

Another key (yeah)

I’m lower key (now)

Cos this year I’m gonna Ctrl-Alt-Rap

You won’t hear me sing on a single track

For another year

Alternative rapper:

I look normie but got different chatter

4th year on saying “black lives matter”

4th year on you’re

Industry rappers follow one

Another another another another year

I got another idea

Ctrl-Alt-Del run it back

Refresh hip-hop


Buy on Bandcamp!

I’ll say thanks: “thanks”

Savvy with numbers

Since ’21 ’22 ’23

’24 you want more?

You want more bars, more bars

Start sending me gold bars, gold bars

I’ll go from Skoda -> Polestar

At least send me a tenner

A Pandit & Warner Musical

Turned Oxford into a Music hall

Cos rap music cool like

Ice age coming from that idiot tech

Got messages for your Radio Head

Not much time left on this earth321

Opposite of birth

I used to wanna

Sing in the key of F

Now I don’t give a

What’s next?