Another Year [No Other Names]

Another Year [No Other Names]

Another Year [No Other Names]

Laurence Warner

December 31, 2022

Liner Notes


(Another another)

Another year

Another year

Another year gone by in the blink of an eye

Now it's time to say goodbye to

Another year


Imagine your first track

Puts your hometown on the map

Going old school showing them how to rap

You're going "Swan Centre (tahh tahh)

Got a Swan Centre" you got that? Ta

Now you're playing the fool, bright mentally

Master's degree, doing comedy

No wonder I felt a little schizophrenia

You're not yourself on social media

Identity is infinity, repeat after me:

I got a psychoanalytical multisensory

Concept double-album with fractal symmetry

You get that? (Nahh) 

You press that? (Nahh)

I guess that I'm not a star

I'm a failure (ahh awhhh)

I'm a, I'm a failure

Another year

I'm still here

Singing and rapping with different names

I'm thinking that there's a better way

I dunno who I am, I dunno who I am

I dunno who I am, but I know what I do:

I sing a song, I write a rap



2023: more #SavvyIndie

12 tracks released monthly

An alternative to monotony

I'll be pop and rap alternately

So follow me, isn't that the game

"But who do we follow?"

Yeah I need a name:

Florence & Fauna? (Too machine)

Torrents of Water? (Too piracy)

I dunno who I am, let's ask mum & dad:

"Laurence Warner"

No other names

No other's name

I used to rap as Beastly and sing as Cerulean

Now Laurence Warner is the name I'm gonna be

For Another year 

Another year 

I came here for the evening, I came here for the day

But now I'm feeling like I wanna stay for

Another year

(Black lives matter)