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The King's Gallery ends Happily Ever 'After'

December 27, 2020

During each 2020 edition of lockdown livestream The King's Speech, we declared a new theme for an art competition. 

Subjects  across the land were invited to 'Hang an artwork' in the South Hampton  Court gallery (by midday Sunday), and we announced the winner - who received confectionary & the King's artwork in the post - live! Their artwork also represented that week's "wing" in the main gallery.

Click the screenshot below to visit the gallery. Hit 'Enter the wing' to explore each wing, as there are so many wonderful pieces within. Why not comment below with your favourite wing?!

The King's Gallery 2020

I like to think of it as South Hampton Court Palace's ad-free Insta-feed of all things beautiful & original.

The bottom section was during the first lockdown when The King's Speech was a weekly fixture (except #TheShowMustBePaused). This period was particularly prolific for King Ben's subjects! The top section is when the King's Speech went to the last Sunday only.

Tune in at 3pm today where we will announce the winner of the final after round:

The King's Speech livestream itself will continue at this rate in the first quarter of the new year, but there will no longer be the art section (hey we might actually be able to keep it under 10m now!).

There's still plenty of ways to get involved in our livestreams, including:

- Engaging in the Live Chat and post-stream Zoom

- Making song requests for The Jester's Song

- Appearing as a Smalltown Dreamer on The Insterviews with MC Beastly

Thank yous:

- Rogerio Ramos for initially starting the idea amongst our close family, and continuing to invent most of the themes, which were a deft blend of timely and quixotic.

- Everyone who submitted artwork. You truly helped to make Ben & my lockdown more enjoyable, as well as all Ben's subjects who tuned in!

King Ben I's Court Jester,


[Brought over to bring attention to the King's Gallery, only on the Wayback Machine now]